live a life without limits

Discover the UK's best-selling kegal weights with the pelvic floor experts.

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regain control over your life

Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and regain control over your life.

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Bodyotics Pear Drops won silver in Made for Mums Awards 2021. So thank you! We are thrilled to receive this award due to your votes! Bodyotics Pear Drops won silver in Made for Mums Awards 2021. So Thank you! We are thrilled to receive this award due to your votes!

Bodyotics Award winning kegel exercise balls

regain control over your life

Our mission is simple. To improve women’s lives though the prevention and treatment of pelvic floor disorders.We aim to offer the best kegal expercise products and education possible, and are committed to helping youlive ‘life with no limits’.

  • medically approved

    Medically approved silicone,
    BRA-Free, Hypoallergenic and
    100% waterproof.

  • ergonomically designed

    Ergonomically designed and
    extensively tested with your
    comfort and safety in mind.

  • perfect fit

    Perfect fit & easy insertion
    for optimum muscle
    contraction. Approved by
    pelvic health doctors.

  • regain pelvic floor control

    Resolves bladder leaks due to
    coughing, sneezing, or running.
    Prepares for pregnancy and
    supports labor recovery.

used by professionals

Included with our Kegal set is a Pelvic Floor education and exercise programme to guide you through the weights. The ebook is created together with professionals and designed to help you get the most of out your Pear Drops and achieve optimum Pelvic Health.

bodyotics kegel ball exercise instructions/ ebook

thoughtfully made

High quality Pear Drops with a luxury feel, yet still affordable. It takes just about 15 minutes a day to see results. They are safe to use, easy to insert, waterproof,
and last a lifetime.

pelvic floor balls pack of 6

2700+ ratings on Amazon.

We are making our customers happy...

I had never used kegel balls before purchasing this bodyotics set and I have to admit that it took a little convincing from a friend to actually get them out of the box and give them a try.

So, After a weight gain.' discovered a pretty horrific double prolapse- bowel and uh. ya know. Anyway, having hypermobility means that physio doesn't work and conventional

Firstly they are a joy to use. I tried this because it has the heaviest weight and I prefer the shape of these compared to the ones which I've found painful in the past.

I got the pear drops after the birth of my second child as I was terrified of becoming incontinent in later life. After I placed the order I got an email with a link to a really helpful booklet on exercises.


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