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  • Hypermobility and prolapse - Rachel Rodrigues

    "So. After a weight gain, I discovered a pretty horrific double prolapse - bowel and uh, ya know. Anyway, having hypermobility means that physio doesn't work and conventional pelvic floor exercises are pretty lame. I only bought these to ""push everything back into place"". So, day one...... weight fell out. I thought ""aaaaarrrrgghh. Ffs"" But then I tried putting the weight in and raising my legs to keep it in place. Success! Now, day 6, I can keep the heaviest weight in whist walking around! Cannot believe how we'll and how quickly they worked when 6 months of physio did nothing!!!!!"

  • These actually work and are the best I've tried! - Gemma B

    " I have just said to my partner that this is one of the best purchases Ive made so I thought it best to write a review (something I rarely do). Firstly they are a joy to use, I tried this because it has the heaviest weight and I prefer the shape of these compared to the round ones which Ive found painful in the past. I appreciated the workout guide which has been helpful in getting started. Everything feels very professional and I cant get over the quality of this product. This is FAR better than other Kegel sets Ive wasted money on in the past so I want to report that this really does work and Im delighted at the difference I feel already!"

  • Great Vaginal Weights for Pelvic Floor Therapy - Sarah

    Looking to strengthen? These are the ones. The shape is great & they insert easily. AND as they insert they don't suddenly "pop in" and get "hung up" on that "shelf" many women have (FYI: I asked my pelvic floor therapist - if this happens, you're not getting the workout you're probably looking for). With these weights, it should feel like they are trying to fall out... meaning that your muscles have to actually work to keep the weight in. 10-15 minutes a day at home walking, doing lunges/squats, jumping, stepping up and down stairs & squeezing to keep it in while you move works great (you go until it falls out into your underwear. Re-insert and work on endurance)! Easy to clean and store. Love the variety in weights, easy insertion. The "tail" is fine because you're just using it to exercise & not wearing it all day. Much better than the the other style I tried where the shape was very much "round" and would get stuck and not fall out no matter what type of exercising or moving around I did.

  • Husband thinks theyre great! - Katie

    I got the pear drops after the birth of my second child as I was terrified of becoming incontinent in later life. After I placed the order I got an email with a link to a really helpful booklet on exercises. The weights themselves arrived quickly in smart packaging with the 6 increasing weights arranged neatly. As the weight increases the colour gets darker so you know which one to start off with. Following the exercise booklet I started with the lightest and worked through the various stages and progressed onto the second weight pretty quickly. Its hard to find the time (especially with a new born!) but I found that popping one in as you clean your teeth and then doing the exercises as you faff about getting ready to turn out the light in bed suited me. Another easy opportunity is in the shower. Ive only been using them a couple of weeks but the other half has noticed a difference ;) so they must be doing something!

  • Exceeded expectations! - Frances

    "I had never used kegel balls before purchasing this bodyotics set and I have to admit that it took a little convincing from a friend to actually get them out of the box and give them a try. However, even from the first go, they were super easy to use (the pear shape makes for easy insertion and the various weight options gives flexibility in intensity). After a couple of weeks of use, I can definitely feel a difference in my pelvic floor. I've been trying to build strength in this area for various reasons and incorporating kegel balls into my routine has definitely helped - it's essentially turbo charged my work outs! The kegel balls themselves are also really cute and beautifully presented in a smart storage box."

  • Prolapse Aid - helped relieve the problem significantly - Amazon Customer

    "I have only had these for just over a week and I am very happy with the ongoing results. Purchased to ease my prolapse symptoms and they do seem as though they will help relieve the problem significantly. The service was prompt and some after sales questions were responded to and answered by return and very satisfactorily. Would highly recommend Thankyou!"

  • Comfortable, easy to use, easy to clean - H. S. Lawrence

    "I've only had the Kegel weights for a few days and so far have used them twice a day, really really pleased with them. They're easy to use, a nice comfortable material (I've previously used 2 part plastic Kegels which can be rough) and are brilliant to clean. They arrive in a really nice box, which I would happily give as a gift. I didn't receive the e-book link, however a quick email to Christine and it was sent within an hour, can't ask for more. I'll come back and add to this review once I've used the weights for a few weeks."

  • Great product and wonderful aftercare - Anon

    It took me a long long time to ask someone about getting help to improve my kegel strength but Im so glad someone suggested getting weights. This system is great and the aftercare has been wonderful. It feels like theres a personal consultant there checking Im ok and improving things for me... Ive only just started using the weights (3 days so far) but they are comfy and easy to use, and I can feel muscles I havent felt for ages! So that must be good. Im working my way through the ebook of exercises which was emailed separately and for once have a little bit more hope that I can get more control where I need it the most. Definitely recommend.

  • Nice looking and good value! - GL

    "I wanted some kegel weights after giving birth and having looked at all the products available, this one seemed good value for the weights contained. It arrived really fast and in nice (discreet!) Packaging. I was a bit sceptical/nervous but I'm happy with the product as there were a variety of weights so you can start small and build up; it was easy to use too. All in all I recommend if you're looking to try a pelvic floor regime"

  • 5 star product as tried and tested by an O&G doctor! - AVC

    "Beautiful product, lovely packaging, really easy to use. Ebooklet is excellent and very easy to follow. Only received yesterday but so far Im very impressed and will be recommending to friends family and patients to strengthen pelvic floor. Remember these are not just for pregnancy and post menopause- young women should practice using and strengthening their pelvic floor to improve muscle function- in and out of the bedroom!!"

  • Improved pelvic floor - Wish I had bought this years ago - Claire L

    Having given birth to big babies and now going through the early stages of the menopause, I felt I needed a little bit of help with my pelvic floor. Well I wish I had bought this product years ago! I have only been using the smallest weight for a few days now and I have noticed an immediate improvement in my muscle tone. Wow! The weights are so easy to use and are packaged beautifully. I contacted the company about the instruction booklet and it was sent straight away with a lovely personal message (all out of business hours). You can tell this company care.

  • Works for me! - Mrs J Custard

    "Having recently turned 70, I had become increasingly incontinent, using panty liners to deal with the embarrassing leakage. When I found I needed to increase the absorbancy level from 1 to 2 to 3 I decided it was time to look at doing something about it. I didn't want to get medication so looked into alternatives and found out about Kegel exercises and these pear drops. I have been using them for just 3 weeks, just started on the third weight, and the improvement is dramatic. It's as if my pelvic floor muscles have switched back on. I now do not use panty liners most of the time, just when I go out and may not be near a toilet - I haven't had any leakage anyway, just needed to be sure. I'm confident that I won't even need to do that when I have completed the whole set of weights. Amazing results - they worked for me."

  • Great results even with minimal use - definitely recommend! - Jacqueline

    "I bought these after finding out I am going to be having a hysterectomy, and was worried about prolapse afterwards. Obviously as soon as they arrived I had to try every single one and I was surprised how easily the heavier ones fell out... Which got me more motivated to start. I concentrated on the lightest and found it quite easy so I'm currently about 6 days into the second weight and working the phases into my routine. I'm on my feet most of the day so doing a few squeezes like in phase 1 is easy at anytime without the weight but phase 2 and 3 are done lying down so I'm working on those on a morning and evening. It might just be my imagination but I do feel like it's changing already,obviously I'll find out when it comes to having sex... Which is another major factor in using the weights. Hopefully by the time I have my surgery I'll be well on the way to preventing any problems. As I said just experiment with them till you find your routine."

  • Turned things around - C Pal

    "After a year of doing daily pelvic floor exercises and physio my prolapse was neither better nor worse, very disappointing. After a week using the lightest pear drop things are improving. I've realised I have to go back to the beginning and work up very gradually but even so it is making a difference, slowly but surely. I'm so grateful that for the first time I can see an improvement and genuinely believe that it will get better. The pear drops are a delight, well made, attractive, and the ebook guide is clear. I totally recommend them and only wish I'd tried them a year ago."

  • Your future self will thank you! - Elle

    "I have recently had a baby and whilst I didn't end up giving birth naturally (emergency c-section!), I was finding that my pelvic floor could let me down at times with slight urinary incontinence. At the age of 28 this wasn't really something I was happy to accept! I had heard of and even researched kegel balls in the past but was always a little dubious about taking the plunge but decided to start getting back to full health and this was one area I wanted to focus on. They come beautifully packaged in a pink box with a velvet pouch for travel if required. I have to say that I haven't yet used these nearly as much as I want to (or ought to!). However, the couple of times I have used them I have noticed a dramatic difference. I must admit that all through pregnancy i was being told to do pelvic floor exercises... I tried but in all honesty had no idea if I was doing it right! These weights enable you to contract exactly the right muscles and so even when you dont have the weights in you can do your pelvic floor exercises much more effectively because you know where to squeeze and how it should feel! As many people have said, the first time I used the lightest weight it came straight back out! Took a little getting used to but the next time was much easier and I noticed a real difference in my control even after one use! Definitely improves sexual pleasure too which is an unexpected bonus! Honestly don't hesitate to buy these, your future self will thank you!"

  • Look No Further!! - Small Onion

    "If I could give more than a five star rating, I would! This kegel weight system is so comfortable and easy to use. The weights are made of a super soft material. They look really pretty - they start with the lightest weight being a very pretty, light pink, graduating up to a lovely, relatively dark pink for the heaviest weight - they have a very discreet, handy carry case (eg: for holidays) and come in an attractive box for general storage. Bodyotics are a small company and with that comes fantastic and caring Customer Service. These products are of a personal and intimate nature and to feel the person responding to your email respects that and clearly cares about what they are making and selling, makes a huge difference! I cannot recommend Bodyotics Kegel Weights enough. ?? Ps: the price is very good too!!"

  • Great product with fast results - Susanne

    Using a very small amount of lube these are easy to insert and extremely comfortable to wear. The best news is, after only a fortnight, I've already stopped leaking when I sneeze which is the reason I bought them. It's neat having the e-book as it's always to hand and I never have to wonder where I put it the last time as it's always on my phone. I also love the style and colour of the packaging, it allows discreet storage on my dressing table and nobody's aware of what's inside. Fast delivery and, though the e-book email was blocked at first, one quick email to the supplier and they sent it by return. Great service and complete satisfaction - highly recommended.

  • Easy, discreet and comfortable - Readfreak

    My pelvic floor has weakened since giving birth and, although I do exercise it, they havent worked to strengthen my kegel muscles enough. Ive only been using the weights and week and I can already feel a difference. They are discreet, beautifully presented and easy to use. The ebook is easy to follow and informative about how to do the exercises correctly. I would definitely recommend them.

  • The best and most important purchase of my life - Ashleigh

    "These weights are actually amazing!! I felt a difference after the first week of using them, sometimes when you have a busy schedule it easy to forget so I started setting an alarm to remind myself that I needed to spend 15 minutes on myself a day. The weights came well presented in a cute packaging case that they are stored in, with exercises to use and the best thing about it is the weight helps you to know which muscles you should actually be using, as you can easily feel it. I had my son 4 years ago and was left with a ton of problems in that area mainly incontinence, I'm 25 and it has been an extremely embarrassing time for me, I'm starting to gain that strength back again and it's had such an impact on my life.. even after a long time with problems they have really helped! Consistency is key! Thank you for providing such an amazing service. X"

  • Great customer service, excellent product, well packaged - Tamara DB

    Excellent customer service, I had a few questions that were answered the same day. Product is high quality, comes in different weights (in various shades of pink) so you can move up in weight as your pelvic muscles get stronger. Best to get some lube and silicone safe toy cleaner in addition. It also comes with a cute little storage box, velvet bag for travel and an instructional ebook. I highly recommend this specific product and company and am already recommending to friends.

  • Amazing product, great customer service, highly recommended - Timea Szoke

    "Very easy to use them, beautifully packaged and their customer care is spot on and also followed up couple of times. Worth every penny, and I can already feel the change after a week usage, moving onto the next weight soon.?????? Highly recommend them to anyone whod like to strengthen their pelvic muscles."

  • Post hysterectomy and a long distance runner - these are going to help - Sarah L

    "I dont usually write reviews, but here goes - Only had them a week and love them. Ive been doing the squeezy app from NHS after my hysterectomy, but since upping my distance and starting to train for half-marathons again, I can tell its not enough. So I bought these to help me push my kegals harder so that running doesnt cause me issues. Im pleased with them - theyre easy to use and comfortable and I can tell Im going to be pleased with the results."

  • Well worth it - Amazon Customer

    "After a long decision and trawling through the Internet for the best products I decided to ordered the Kegels. All the information on how to use them was sent via ebook a few days before the delivery. I am still at the beginning stages and happy with the Kegels thank you to Bodyotics for keeping in touch after I received my delivery and checking on how things were going."

  • Wish I had used these years ago - J.N.TRILL

    "At 57, and having had two very big babies of 9lb 8oz and 10lb 8oz - my pelvic floor is not what it once was. I suffered from an urgency to go to the loo and when I sneezed or laughed unexpectedly. I can honestly say that these Kegel weights have improved my pelvic floor and all that goes with that. I started on the lower weights and have moved up quite quickly to the penultimate weight. I no longer suddenly have the urge to go the loo quite so quickly and feel that with increased and continued use my muscles will get even better. Thanks so much for a great product that is nicely packaged with a discreet velvet bag for if I was going away and taking one or two weights with me. Thanks again."

  • Great product. Great customer service - Katherine Brown

    Great product. If you can dedicate 15 minutes a day you will feel results after 3/4 weeks. Would recommend

  • Brilliant- they are working for me - Amazon Customer

    "The weights are comfortable and easy to use. They are also REALLY easy to keep clean. The e-book of exercises sent by email is well written and straightforward to follow and takes you through a progression of exercises, though I am only currently on the first level. I have used the weights twice a day for a couple of weeks so far, and the exercises are actually beginning to work! Oh, and they come in lovely shades of pink in a little box... After many years of problems and trying other types of exercisers with little benefit, I'm so pleased to have found these weights. Excellent- thoroughly recommended!"

  • Perfect Customer Service - Susanna

    These weights are beautifully presented in their own plastic box which also has a pouch in which to store one of the weights. Easy and comfortable to use but too early yet for me to say how effective they are tho I do feel they will be effective. The customer service from this seller is excellent and I have no worries in continuing to use this company. I contacted them with a query and had a very prompt and helpful reply with assurance of further support if needed in the future, thank you! I am very happy to recommend and will continue to use this company in the future. :-)

  • Just amazing - Jade King

    "This product is amazing so comfortable But the best thing is the communication between the seller and me, I was feeling anxious about certain things and they emailed me and helped me and reassured me! I'm very pleased I baught this product compared to others it personally feels alot better and hopefully I'll see results "

  • Pleasantly surprised about the quality - Smith London

    Pleasantly surprised about the quality of this set, the softness of the pears and the cute velvet bag. I've never used kegel weights but these are super easy to insert and comfortable to use. I've used them for a month straight (twice a day) and I cannot believe the difference already. To anyone on the fence i would say give it a go

  • Thoroughly researched product - Frankie

    Used for procedentia prolapse in EDS. Super instructions sent by email. Beautiful product that can be taken on travels discreetly. Wonderful follow up and delivery by the seller.

  • Happy Customer - Kerry

    "Very happy with these. Would recommend! Easy to use, and as it is for such personal use.. the packaging being pretty and well presented - gives it that little something!"

  • Recommended by my GP - Kerry

    "Very happy with these. Would recommend! Easy to use, and as it is for such personal use.. the packaging being pretty and well presented - gives it that little something!"

  • Great kegel set - Danielle Noakes

    Fantastic kegel balls, received instruction pack straight away. Easy to use and clean. I used the first weight for a while and felt real improvements with my pelvic strength and exercises but as soon as I stopped due to forgetting it returned back to normal. Something to consider!

  • Good Quality Product - D Kelly

    unfortunately following a hysterectomy i had a bladder prolapse so thought i would give these a try rather than going the surgical route. have only had them for a few days but the instructions were clear and easy to use, hopefully in time this will solve my problem, but already i feel there is some improvement. definetely recommend.

  • Helpful product - Vicki L.

    Very pretty pink makes me actually want to do my kegels for some reason????amazing aftercare and customer service, I have only just started to use these so not sure about results yet but its exercising your pelvic floor muscles so They are bound to work, and with the heaviest weight out there to get the strongest muscles possible!! so far so good :)

  • Comfortable and easy to use - Em

    "As described. Great ebook and excellent communication. Only just started using so yet to see long term results, can feel them working though and definitely feel the muscles are better engaged with these."

  • Lovely product and customer service :) - Amazon Customer

    "I received this product a few days ago - have been looking at buying these for ages - so glad I did! The product is so well made and presented beautifully in a lovely box and an added bag for travel. The helpful booklet to accompany the weights was emailed to me and off I go :) Hoping for great things with consistent use - only just starting out but very impressed so far. Thank you"

  • Easy to use! - KO

    50 and a sneeze, run or cough and I noticed my pelvic floor was not as it was! I hesitated for a while about seeking a solution. I really appreciated the feedback on these and they were right. Im still only a couple of weeks in using them, but they are easy to use. Clear instructions and lovely email from company offering support if needed.

  • Beautiful elegant set - Miss Foster

    The item arrived very quickly and is packaged very elegantly so would be perfect as a present. The weights themselves feel like theyre good quality and Im enjoying my routine. having just had a baby, these were recommended by a friend and Im happy to report that so far so good.x

  • Excellent product support - Sim

    Very good product. Beautiful presentation. Good value for money too. Most importantly excellent communication from the seller who sent me the ebook with a prompt reply and helpful for all my questions. I will definitely recommend this item.

  • Positive effect in our intimate relationship - Mrs A

    "A great product that has had a very positive effect to my pelvic floor. Both my husband and I agree that it has had a positive effect in our intimate relationship also. The instructions are easy to follow and just require you to set aside the time to ensure the kegels have the desired effect. I have recommended these to many friends."

  • Pelvic floor aid & core muscles too - loobyloo51

    Arrived on time. Information & guide to using the kegel weights is by email. Very happy with product. Thank you

  • Good first impression - Nik

    " Its only been a few days so I cant yet comment on effectiveness but on first impressions the item arrived beautifully packaged and is very easy to use. Lovely soft silicone and much better shape than most Kegel products which I have found can be uncomfortable to insert. These are very comfortable and the ebook is a great guide!"

  • Clear instructions and easy to use - Alex

    The kegal balls come in a nice little storage box and are very easy to use. I found the instructions were very clear and the programme is easy to follow with lots of helpful little tips to help along the way. Strongly recommend them to help with those pelvic floor issues.

  • Worth every penny - Ms Lana

    Best money I have spent in ages. Started to notice the difference after a week!!

  • Great product for us girls, just do it! - L. C. Walton

    Wasnt sure about this product but is easy and comfortable to use with very helpful instructions. Its early days but already noticing a difference in my pelvic floor. Product came quickly in a small, pretty box and I was sent instructions by email. Great product and company has kept in touch. I would highly recommend.

  • Love the smoothness and feel - Emma Brenton

    Loved the smoothness and look of these weights! Very feminine. Great download for ease of use. Looking forward to increasing the weight.

  • Lovely product - Gillybean

    Excellent product. Top quality and beautifully presented in sturdy, attractive, discreet box and with velvet travel bag. Thoroughly recommend.

  • Can go running without accidents now - A. Vaughan

    I bought these after having my second child. They are easy to use and really comfortable. They have certainly strengthened my pelvic floor more than kegel exercises alone and I can now go running without any accidents.

  • They really work for prolapse - Amazon Customer

    Beautifully presented and quality product. Already making a difference after decades of pelvic floor neglect. Ive tried other more expensive products but with my prolapse this is the best so far. Very comfy and easy to use.

  • They lok good enough to eat! - Patricia Anne Karlstad

    "These pear drops are brilliant because you can really focus and home in on the muscles you are trying to work on. The graduated weights work very well and are proof that you are getting stronger. The presentation box is very attractive and the colours of the drops themselves make them look good enough to eat! Provided you are willing to persevere seriously with the exercises they will work. A great product."

  • Excellent - Amazon Customer

    I bought these to strengthen my pelvic floor muscles due to a minor prolapse. They are easy to use and ideal for this purpose

  • Top notch product and service. - Styliani

    Excellent service and in stylish presentation box. I needed to request the ebook because I have certain blocks on my account. The answer to my problem was addressed immediately and very pleasantly. I am very pleased with both the product and customer service.

  • Does exactly what it says on the tin so to speak ( box) - Amazon Customer

    Badly needed these after 5 kids so it takes time to build up to the 2nd one so far so good ??

  • Do your Kegels! - Marewyn86

    Good set with graduated weights. Nice comfortable shape and soft, easy to clean surface . Complementary e-book is a nice addition and helps you get the most from the weights.

  • Partner is loving this product - Shugo

    This product is helping my partner out massively with her pelvic floor after having children.

  • Great way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles - I recommend the product for all women to use. - Elepiano

    I ordered these because I realised I had a minor prolapse and weak pelvic floor, after foolishly continuing to lift weights in the gym. I am menopausal and therefore was at risk. I would definitely recommend this product for women who want to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. I have used them every day for a week and already can tell the difference! They come in a great presentation box with clear instructions and are very easy to use and to clean for hygiene purposes.

  • Great product and great customer service! - Em

    The product came quickly, the box presentation is very smart. i can not fault this product, its still early days with my experience but so far so good, definitely worth the price!

  • Super easy to use - T A JOHN

    The product and the support are both excellent. The only problem has been me forgetting to use them but I've set a special alarm on my phone to give me reminders.

  • Who knew pelvic floor exercises could be so pretty! - Kindle Customer

    Very attractive product. Easy to use but will require done practice. I'm confident this is going to be a great help.

  • Keep at it! - Karen C

    Working my way through the exercises. Had them a few weeks and very easy to use and understand. I feel better in myself so that says a lot.

  • A fantastic product with first class information & support - G R Timberlake

    "I was unsure on which product to try but having read the reviews on the Kegel, decided to purchase. Delighted with my purchase & not only the product, but the information & support too. Only just started using them, but very impressed with all aspects."

  • These work! - Suzie

    Really great! Highly recommend this product. Already a huge improvement after a week of using!

  • They seem to be working - Gillian Lewis

    Pretty box containing unusual but attractively shaped weights, colour coded for progression. Still early days but I'm already feeling the benefit

  • Happy wife keeps her tight - Consciences consumer

    My wife uses these for her kegal exercise before our first baby and she loves the product

  • Unexpected but brilliant! - Mary Gannon

    "Great kit for newbies I did not expect to like this product as much as I do and actually enjoy using them rather than a chore. They come in a completely sealed package and the material feels luxurious. I like the shape as opposed to the more common round balls, which my gynaecologist prefers too as the shape is more suite to the female anatomy in comparison to other products she has come across. Personally will recommend to my friends as im really happy Ive started this"

  • Great service Great Product - Christine

    Great product. High quality. And work! Have had great success. The service was brilliant, fast and very helpful.

  • Cystocele - Carol Smart

    To help to control an increasing cystocele

  • Thrilled that I can feel a difference - Verity Baldock

    Its early days but an initial update to say that these have helped me strengthen my pelvic muscles. I have seen improvements in about two weeks of using them once a day for about 15 min so has been very easy to stick to.

  • These really work - Tlocky

    Brilliant product much better than the ones I had a few years ago. The customer service was also brilliant. Thank you.

  • A pear a day keeps your pants dry - Lisa

    "Currently under the hospital investigating whether or not I require surgery to prevent stress incontinence, the consultant recommended I purchase a device which helps to strengthen the pelvic floor. Whilst surgery isn't out of the question they like to try and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles for many different reasons and overall benefits which I understand. The problem I had was that the device he recommended came in at a huge 170, it was not something I could consider and so I set about searching and found these wonderful pear drops. I absolutely love them. They are presented so nicely in the container in which each pear drop has its own slot to sit in. There is also a bag if you needed it, with 6 different weights to work through i am sure the results will be positive. I have only just started out using them. The first time i used the 50g pear drop (obviously the lightest weight), it fell right out!!! That's how bad things are for me but two weeks in and I am already noticing that I am gaining pevlic floor strength. I try to use it twice a day but most definitely once a day. follow the exercise sheet which the seller will send you and I am sure you will benefit. I am very hopeful and will update as things progress but it's not an over night fix, nothing is. It takes time, commitment and the right exercises of which these pears drops help you achieve. I am really pleased and for the price, my pelvic floor hasn't cost me the earth and may even avoid surgery. They are the sort of thing that you can use for the rest of your life to keep the muscle strong. well done and thank you! Speedy delivery and also extremely helpful with any correspondence."

  • Comfortable weights to give you the confidence that you need! - Tasha

    Great set of kegel weights and fab ebook filled with various levels of challenging exercises to accompany this item! Very easy to insert and feel comfortable when in. I had already been using a 78g weight so quickly progressed to 90g. Fab presentation box which is a great little holder for you your weights! Great price considering that you have various weights and can choose depending on how you are feeling! I would definitely recommend!

  • Excellent after sales service - Tan

    This is my first time using Kegel weights so I searched and read reviews until I finally decided to buy the pear drops. They are so easy and comfortable to use and are presented beautifully. I've only been using them a few days so far buy can already notice a difference and feel more confident dealing with my overactive bladder. I had some questions after reading the ebook so messaged Christine to make sure I was following the program correctly and got a very quick, helpful and friendly reply. The after sales service is excellent, I would highly recommend this seller.

  • Every woman should have them! - T. Llewellyn

    Great product, good range of weights, great support and instruction, comfortable, excellent quality & the neat discreet storage makes them perfect

  • Work great so far! - Tracy Smith

    Love the pretty box and the pretty weights, very feminine and seem to be helping after just a few days. The detailed exercise sheet is great.An excellent product, I highly recommend!

  • Do just what they claim to do! - Leigh Howson

    Excellent product and service. Just what I wanted.

  • Great - easy to use and they really work! - Mrs J Batchelor

    I bought these based on other reviews and would highly recommend them. I have been using them for 3 weeks and have noticed a difference. The exercise booklet is really useful and am now looking to increase my weight. Easy to insert and use - have already recommended to a friend who has children